About Us
Who We Are

We are a family of programmers. Programming for us is both a career and a hobby. Andy & Megan both work for the University of California, Davis as Lead Application Developers. Alex, is following right along in his parents' footsteps, and already likes typing on a keyboard.

While we both have experience in complete web application design, we each specialize in different aspects. Andy specializes in interface design and dynamic HTML – making web pages feel like full blown applications. Megan specializes in analyzing and implementing business logic and in object design.

Most importantly, we enjoy what we do and we like to have a little fun along the way.


What We Do

We primarily code in the latest version of ASP.NET with C#. However, we also have experience in other languages such as classic ASP, Cold Fusion, Visual Basic, etc. At our workplace we use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2 extensively, with limited coding/connections to Oracle 11 databases. At home we use SQL Server Express as our database server.

Our coding is done by hand to ensure it is efficient and runs well - we don't let WYSIWYG applications write our web pages for us.

The Technologies We Use

We are experienced in many technologies, but are obviously more proficient in some than others. Here is a list of most of the technologies we work with most often. If a technology is not listed it means that we don't use it as often, but we may have a lot of experience using it previously (i.e. ColdFusion) - feel free to ask.

Extensive Experience

  • ASP.NET C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML
  • Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
  • Javascript - both scripting and objects
  • Javascript Frameworks: jQuery, Yahoo!, Prototype
  • Visual Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (IIS 8.5)

Average Experience

  • SQL Reporting Services
  • Oracle 10, 11
  • .NET Web Services (i.e. SOAP requests)
  • My SQL 5
Applications, Projects, and Websites